MOL Nyrt.
The MOL Group is the leading actor in the oil- and gas industry in Central and Eastern Europe and the biggest corporation in Hungary. One of the bases of MOL’s CSR activity is to find and help young talents. Beyond supporting professional athletes with sponsorship they focus on the proper education and training of young generations. Marci first got in connection with the corporation as part of their Young Talents Program, from 2018 he is one of the professional athletes whose career is supported by MOL.
The path sports management
The path sports management is a full spectrum management firm, focusing on helping the athletes’ career on and off the field. The fusion of passion for sports and professional knowledge is what frames the partnerships and manages the relationships. Path sports management is responsible for Marci’s management since 2019 and working jointly to reach further with his long-time partner Tenisz Pro Kft.
Hovány Csoport Magyarország
The Hovány Group Hungary is one of the most recognized Hungarian car trade companies. The company is characterized by its high quality customer service while keeping an eye on continuous development and maximal customer satisfaction. The shared values – the will for development and precision - are the base of the partnership. In 2021, the group is celebrating its 30th anniversary and from this jubilee year on, they are supporting Marci on the road.
Appeninn Holding
Appeninn Holding is a dynamically growing asset management company focusing on the commercial real estate market in Hungary. They support Marci’s career since 2020. The foundation of the successful partnership is that both parties focus on committing towards quality and pursuing effectiveness.